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Let's begin with a brief review of the Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's description of Windhorse: "... it is the energy of basic goodness. This self-existing energy is called 'wind horse' in the Shambhala teachings. The 'wind' principle is that the energy of basic goodness is strong and exuberant and brilliant. It can actually radiate tremendous power in your life. But at the same time, basic goodness can be ridden, which is the principle of the horse. By following the disciplines of warriorship, particularly the discipline of letting go, you can harness the wind of goodness. In some sense the horse is never tamed—basic goodness never becomes your personal possession. But you can invoke and provoke the energy of basic goodness in your life..."-Chogyam Trungpa. We encourage you to read further!

Windhorse Waters became our permanent residence April 2006 after a long process of thinking what would make the perfect home for us.


First and foremost the home had to be suitable to "age in place." In other words, we had to be able to get in and out of pretty much everything on the first floor without going up or down a step. Doors had to be wide enough, floors had to be smooth in public space and offer stable footing in wet places. We took almost two years to design the space after taking about a year to find the land.


We hope to bring the world into our lives as travel for us is difficult. We've hosted high school exchange students from China, Germany, Thailand & Brazil. Musically we have house concerts performed by musicians coming from Seattle, Albuquerque, Nashville, New York City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and beyond. We practice a form of Japanese and Tibetan Buddhism. 

We are politically liberal and proud of it.


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3 Dec 2001-25 Aug 2016

We miss you Little Coco!


In this lifetime one can attain the state of unity, the state of Vajradhara.And this is not just a statement or a tradition.It is something that is actually possible,and it is possible because of the profundity of the instructions...”---Thrangu Rinpoche

Showcase N Shiann Stand Beside Me

Showcase N Shiann Stand Beside Me